When you need to take action, does a voice in your head keep you from moving forward by telling you what is realistic and safe?

I help people work with the conflict between the voice of their heart and the voice of conditioning so they can end the inner fight and redirect their attention where they choose.

You were excited about that idea you had and eager to take the first step. But now that you have cleared some time in your schedule, you can’t reconnect with that feeling of excitement. The friend you were going to call is probably busy right now, and you should complete that other task you promised to do …

Why do you feel unable to take action with what you feel passionate about? You clearly feel those moments of inspiration and excitement, and even see what you can do to get the ball rolling. But then when you go to take action, some part of you talks you out of it. And you end up being critical of yourself, again!

You can’t seem to consistently follow through with actions that will help you get out of this endless loop of wanting to be different and feeling bad about yourself because you keep slipping into old patterns.

If you want to see lasting changes in your ability to consistently follow through with action, you will find support here.

It IS possible to quiet the voice that wants to keep you in familiar, safe territory, so you can move forward with those actions that create the changes you desire. The ability to do this is within you! It’s just that no one helped you learn how to use it.

If a part of you sparks with hope that this could actually be true, and you are wondering what the first step in the process might be, click here to read more on the Is This You Page.