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I’m happy you are here! I am excited about stepping out in new ways to connect with you!


In the coming days I will be opening up more than 200 videos I have made in the last 11 months. In these videos I simply share who I am through talking about what’s happening in my life. You can view the majority of these videos on my blog.


I will be leading small, personal workshops and retreats in the coming months. Embodiment is what I work with in these workshops and retreats. They are about getting in your body and noticing feelings and choosing to create safety through authentically sharing how you feel and what you want, with the others present. I speak less than 1/3 of our time together. Most of the time is spent actually doing exercises, individually and in the group. This is totally not head stuff. This is slowing down, breathing, checking in on the inside and discovering what is there.


I have been trying to figure out what word I could use that means the opposite of intensive. I don’t do weekend intensives – which is what everyone I know does and I get overloaded while attending those as much as anyone else – I do weekend relaxives! That means you can leave having integrated what happened during the weekend, and with access to a new level of energy to carry into the minutes of your days. 


The Art of Feminine Presence and Heart Intelligence (the retreats I am currently leading) are about practices that help you access your own essence. It’s about being present in your body and present with each other; not learning intellectual tools to take home and maybe (if you are extremely disciplined)  practice a few times. So it’s not about information, it’s about embodiment. It’s about taking what all of us already know and practicing ways to live it rather than simply believe it and talk it. This is about the freedom to drop the performance and the pattern of presenting an image, and experience the incredible relief of finding out everyone else is just like you, we are all struggling with the same things, AND you can actually feel safe when you share with others and feel seen, heard, held and acknowledged by them. 


This is where I feel inadequate to express in words what I have to offer. I can only trust you will feel what I have to offer, and know inside, this is for me! I gotta go to this! when the time is right and participation in a group will lead you forward.


My work will benefit you the most when you feel ready and willing to embrace the challenge of practicing being in your body, which is where all true change takes place. It’s okay to feel scared about it – through being in your body the fear energy moves and changes and eventually transforms. Being in your head and talking about making changes is not where deep, lasting change occurs – that’s why after a few months most people generally go back to old habits – but when you have a shift in the organization of your body as a result of acknowledging what you feel there and having others witness you – that’s when you will experience change that affects all areas of your life!!


Gathering together with a small group of people who hold space and witness your process gives the support needed to do a deep level of work that isn’t possible alone. After years of personal growth work I have recognized how important group work is. The value of the safety provided though a group cannot be explained in words; it can only be felt! If you feel drawn to this, I encourage you to watch videos on my blog to get more of a feel for what I offer and email me if you have questions.

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What do you think?

I acknowledge I realize I’m doing to others exactly what my friend did to me – that which I don’t want. I also acknowledge I shared time with my son and didn’t try to fix his problem. After he was done sharing he asked me, “what do you think”. Then I responded.