I want to share with you some video clips from the day of my celebration/ceremony around my 50th birthday.

(more to come – some of the video clips have not been uploaded yet)

This event represents many things, and I hope it touches your heart and conveys how much everything that happened on this day means to me. -Janet

1:32 – people on the porch before ceremony, including Vanessa rocking

10:07 – beginning of introductions – Amaryllis, Vanessa, Aza, RJ, Mom, Judy, Elaine, Merla, Laura, Lisa and Lena

2:38 – introductions #2 – Bill, Ken, Larry, and Karie

6:40 – introductions #3 – Karen, Gail, Ellen, Denise, Mary, Julie and Jenn

5:44 – finishing introductions – Aunna, Roseanne, Joyce, and Mom shared about me

2:12 – welcoming of those present in spirit and reading of one of Dad’s favorite passages from The Other Voice

11:09 – beginning of ceremony – sharing my words of wisdom

13:38 – foot washing

2:18 – walking through the archway

1:05 – community welcoming me and singing Happy Birthday

:23 – Aza putting necklace on me

3:02 – singing Nesa, Nesa, Nesa

2:10 – final clip of ceremony – singing A Woman’s Voice

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