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Talking about my Take Responsibility 4 Your Health program

Below I describe some health challenges that I may be able to help you with using my Take Responsibility for Your health program.

I have learned many tools that have helped me make the changes I want in my own life. You can learn about how communication in your body occurs, and increase your confidence by learning how to work with your body to reduce or eliminate pain.

Visit to see more information on the programs I describe here.

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Learning from mind or heart

The instructor of the class I am taking on how to build a heart centered, six figure practice, talks again and again about how valuable the lessons are that he is presenting to us. He mentions the many thousands of dollars and years of time it took for him to learn these things.

My thoughts in the moment are that if you are living from your mind then yes, you study and learning may take years of time and thousands of dollars. If you are living from your hear and choosing again and again to shift away from grasping to understand all of it in your thinking, and simply noticing, observing and feeling, then the learning will happen with greater ease and speed and won’t cost nearly as much money!

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4 Principles of Health

Taking responsibility for your health works with 4 basic principles.

1. Recognize there are no set rules: what creates health is inside each person and the outward individual expression may look different for you than for others.

2. Choose to find out what health means, looks like and feels like for you while remaining open so your understanding can change as your experience grows.

3. Listen to the information your body can give you about what creates health and balance in your life and learn to trust this information.

4. Follow the path that feels comfortable to you when making decisions about your health; you are the only one who knows exactly what is right for your body. Our desire is to give information, and support you through the process of learning to trust yourself and enjoy the process of taking responsibility for you health.

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Community Garden


The community garden in Sandpoint has become a place of refuge for me.

I was a part of the meetings where it was decided to start the community garden project this year. I was happy to hear when a place had been found to start the first one. I brought compost from my place and joined in when there was a demonstration of how to make a no till bed. I helped plant the first tomatoes there.

I brought in straw from my barn and various plants from my garden, including oregano, tarragon, chives, strawberries and raspberries. It was fun to watch the garden take shape and see the progress from one time to another.

I began stopping at the garden to spend a little time and see how things were doing whenever I was in town. When Ariel and his children came camping when me, he brought greens from the garden. When I left home without my lunch one day and found myself at the Laundromat with extra time while sleeping bags were washing, I went to the garden and ate lunch. I had several baby crookneck squash, some green beans, a small head of cauliflower and some tarragon.

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