Is This You?

This work can be helpful to you if you:

Want to feel confident and sure of yourself.

Want to bring ease and relief into important relationships.

Are facing health challenges that feel scary.

Are in transition into a new phase of your life.

Want to express your creativity in a bigger way or in a new area.


This work is a good fit for you if you can say yes to these things:

I’m willing to invest in myself.

I appreciate and value learning new things about myself and my relationships with others.

I value honesty and integrity.

I want to see what’s true about me and how my acknowledgement of my truth is the foundation of deep, lasting change.

I’m willing to face what’s uncomfortable in order to move through it.

I have a great desire to be recognized and valued for who I am and the skills and gifts I already have.


Are any of these situations similar to an experience you’ve had?

You are at home after the dance. Your partner tells you the way you talked with someone at the dance wasn’t okay. The feeling of I’m wrong again, comes flooding up to engulf you. Before he said that, you were actually thinking you had handled yourself pretty well. Now you wonder if you can survive feeling this way.

You just made a comment to your partner. As she gives you a sharp, cutting response, tension in your gut becomes a knot and you feel like you’ve been kicked. You want to shout, what did I do wrong? Or you want to run from the room. You hear a voice in your head telling you again, no matter how hard you try, you can never do it right. It would be better if you just keep your mouth shut!

You showed up at the u-pick farm with your sister and her family, excited to help her get some blueberries during the pick-one-for-us and take-one-home-for-yourself special, not realizing that sale was only happening yesterday. As the woman of the farm gives you that look of you are wrong and you should know better, you feel so awful you want to die. You wish you could disappear and never come back.

You are on the phone with a woman who is doing work similar to yours, wanting to make a connection that could lead to referrals for what you are doing, and the words came out wrong. You just said something about competition and that’s not what you meant at all. How did that come out of your mouth? It took you weeks to get up the courage to make this call and now you have ruined it.

We just completed an exercise of working to say positive words and put real power into them. We said things like “I express my femininity easily and powerfully. I allow others to see my strength”.  I meet one of the women from my circle in the hallway and she wants to practice. She comments that she can’t feel what she is saying. I tell her to say what she IS feeling. Out comes: I feel like a failure. I feel like a failure as a business woman, as a woman, as a lover, as a friend. I just feel like a failure. Her eyes fill with tears.

If you can relate and your heart feels moved, you can go here to learn more about how this approach works.