Touching without expectation

I talk about Christian Mickelsen charging a client $10,000 a month and I know more than he does. I also share about helping my friend deal with what came up for her as a result us spending time together touching.

I have everything I need

I share experiences that help me feel supported.

I’m uncomfortable being here on the planet!

I talk about my life in a serious way and getting more connected. This is for contrast because this was scripted and I worked on memorizing what I wanted to say. It comes out so different than when I just talk spontaneously!

thoughts about money, business and connection

How money, business and connection don’t fit together in my thoughts.

Excitement to share!

I practiced my video scrip while watching myself in the mirror. This is the first time I’ve been able to drop my criticism of myself enough to do this.

This is where fear comes from

I explain the flash of realization I got that we have fear connected to the flow of sexual energy through our bodies and our lives.

I did it! What an accomplishment!

Recognizing the bigness of what I did with the nude modeling. I’ve come a LONG ways!

What is causing this fear?

I woke up with a headache after nude modeling….

Nude modeling – the first time!

I tell the whole story of my first experience doing nude modeling.

Nude Modeling

I’m headed into town to do nude modeling and wondering what it will be like.