Life is Profound

I talk about wanting to make a video regularly, but I must slow down and be present in order to have something to say.

Sweeping the Trampoline

My granddaughter and I get the snow off the trampoline.

Understanding Money

I don’t understand money; I’m going straight for happiness because I don’t have money connected to value.

Snow Animals

My granddaughter’s visit and the adventures we had.

We can’t do it alone

I share my need for interaction with others.

What do I prefer?

My new awareness as a result of house sitting.

What’s the next thing to do?

How to cram everything into the time I have?

I Serve Structure

I talk about when in lack consciousness I served structure rather than it serving me.

Getting Energy From Force

Sharing my thoughts that the way we are living on earth is not sustainable because we use force.

Being a Leader

I share a conversation with my son about education and how I am a leader in the field of emotions.