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What I do, for the 13th time

I work to neutralize the emotional charge a person has around whatever issue is up for them in that moment. Fear, anger, sadness, loss – it doesn’t matter whether the situation involves a health problem, physical pain, not enough money, no job, grief about a relationship, or any other challenging situation you can think of – these emotions are common to all of us! 

The emotional charge around your challenge makes it difficult for you to see clearly, to feel distinctly, what choices are needed to bring the joy and fulfillment in your life you want.  Neutralizing your emotional reaction to your situation is like cleaning the mud and debris away so you can see and feel what you specifically need to change your situation.

One person I worked with asked for my help because she couldn’t get her horses loaded in the horse trailer. My work with her did not result in the horses simply stepping into the trailer. My work with her resulted in her feeling differently about the situation so a new idea of how to get the horses in could come to her.

My work with you probably won’t mean you are suddenly cured of cancer or whatever your problem is. What it could mean is you are able to see what is happening to you in a new way and that different perspective will help you understand why this experience came into your life, and what is needed for healing. 

Life is complex and there are many different layers to work with. A willingness to look at these and learn ways to address them as they show up, will help you move forward at the right pace for you. The frustration that comes from resisting what is in your life and wanting it to be different, slows down the whole process.

When the emotional charge around your current challenge is released, the energy that was tied up in the issue is given back to you to be used in other ways. How much would that be worth to you? What would it mean for you to have more of your energy here with you in this present moment? Would you be able to more fully experience whatever is happening here and now?

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